City of Bothell Public Works Operations Center

JTM was the successful low-bid contractor on this complex public facility. The project consists of construction of two very distinct building types and styles. There was also the challenge of a separate architect for each building on one site. The Administration building is a 15,000-square-foot, two-story steel structure designed with metal siding and exposed concrete floors. This building houses the City of Bothell Public Works administration staff and also serves as a home base for the field crew locker rooms and lunch areas. The building has received a LEED Silver rating from the USGBC. At the same time, JTM constructed a 21,500-square-foot tilt-up concrete shop structure. This building features a 30’ overhang covering 14 roll-up doors to house and service the City’s fleet of trucks. The building also houses a truck wash, metal shop, wood shop, herbicide mixing area, sign shop, and street department storage. The building has an impressive volume of space inside that accommodates a mezzanine level that material can be hoisted into from below, expanding storage capabilities for all the tools and materials that keep a city running smoothly. The site is situated in reclaimed wetland and offers workers a wooded view.

Project Team

Martin O’Leary

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