Esterra Park Block 3

Esterra Park Block 3, on the northeast corner of Esterra Park, will have 235,000 square feet of office space on seven floors. Floor plans are designed with technology tenants in mind: large floors, open office spaces, flexible infrastructure and lots of power enabled for high density and productive work groups. With its stunning mountain views, Esterra Park is designed to foster innovation and productivity, while providing all the elements of a balanced lifestyle. Building systems will be optimized to reduce operating expenses. Floor to ceiling glass will fill office spaces with natural light, the common areas will be warm and nicely appointed making them a pleasant place to work, collaborate and innovate. Three levels of below grade parking will include a new access road and bike storage.

Square Feet



3 Levels

Project Team

Derek Deeter

Aaron O’Kelly

Drew Ralston

Jim Pritchett

Martin Sanchez

Josh Ditzenberger

Justin Egge

Jorian Bradford

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