Evergreen Neuroscience Institute & Cardiac Health Center

Complete build-out of 30,935-square-foot tenant improvements on the second and third floors of the DeYoung Pavilion, Evergreen Hospital Medical Center.


The Evergreen Neuroscience Institute project primarily includes consult and exam rooms, office and waiting spaces, an employee gym, and cardiac/neuroscience rehabilitation spaces. Unique finishes incorporated into the ENI project, most notably the linear wood ceilings made from regionally harvested hemlock cut to a flowing contour throughout the lobby and waiting spaces. Another exceptional finish product is Vitrulan, a seamless wall covering coated with epoxy and polyurethane, which gives a textured look to the walls and provides washability characteristics similar to a traditional FRP. The mechanical system was specifically engineered to reduce noise, and all partitions were acoustically insulated and sealed. The ENI space featured interior plants, colorful LED room indicator lights, and distinctive finishes, making the space comfortable, peaceful, and private, unlike any other medical office space.

Project Team

Martin O’Leary

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