Georgetown Brewery – Multiple Projects

The makers of “Darn Tasty Beer” at the Georgetown Brewing Company continue to partner with JTM as they expand.

JTM performed the original tenant improvement at Georgetown Brewing Company’s start-up location. Since then, we have helped our beer-making friends expand into their new 38,000-square-footproduction facility including a seismic retrofit and conversion of an existing 5,000-square-footwarehouse into a 3,000-square-footcold storage unit for kegs along with 1,500 square feet of mixed use space for laboratory testing, shop space, and offices. The tasting room features exposed steel and concrete, a bar-top fabricated with salvaged wood from the old Rainer Brewery, and a glass wall where visitors can view the brewing process.

Additionally, JTM completed a 5,000-square-foot expansion to their facility which houses administration, a new retail outlet and tasting area.

A third expansion will reorganize the facility and add an outdoor beer garden.

Project Team

Derek Deeter

Wes Kennard

Benjamin Coffman

Dave Wick

Related Project Types

Historic and Seismic Upgrade

Special Projects and Tenant Improvements